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Rediscover your personal style. Supercharge your confidence. Transform your life from the outside in with one of my signature services.

Every dollar wasted on unflattering trends, and every moment spent feeling less than your beautiful self has prepared you for this moment, when you are ready and willing to experience a true transformation. 

If you’re looking to shop confidently for clothes that fit and flatter, develop a wardrobe that serves you and makes you feel beautiful, and enhance your God-given beauty, then you're looking for Ageless Style Confidence! 



Ageless Style Confidence Programs

Gain confidence and clarity in your style through programs that combine personal styling,  virtual workshops, and a self-paced course. LEARN MORE

Style Jumpstart 

Overhaul your closet and update your wardrobe with this month-long program. CONTACT ME  

Style Mentorship 

Turn your style around with 6 months of complete personal styling services. CONTACT ME 

Local-only Services

For those that live in the Daytona-Orlando area, I'd love to work with you in person.  LEARN MORE

OMG! I just finished the videos. You are wonderful; I just love you! Since 'meeting' you just a week ago, I have learned so much. While I've done a few things right, I've done more wrong. No wonder I've never felt I had a since of style. The pants video was awesome! I am headed to my wardrobe to get rid of my skinny jeans, that I try to believe are flattering, but really are just too tight! Same with the boy/girlfriend jeans that are really just baggy. Because of you, I am already feeling a confidence I've never had. I am very grateful that you have shared with, and taught, me so much. 

Sue Van

Let me be your fashion friend! 

I have seen the frustration and discouragement that comes from trying on countless items only to go home empty handed, or to waste money on clothes that never felt like “me.”

Now, I help women just like you gain confidence in their style and experience their true beauty (regardless of their age, size, budget or body type).

I’m here to coach you to authentic style, radiant beauty, and the confidence that comes from feeling truly comfortable in your style, your beauty, and your skin.

- Nada

This free checklist is a thoughtfully edited list of the must-have wardrobe pieces, chosen specifically with your age and stage in mind.