FREE Body type series

Embrace your unique shape and revolutionize your personal style!

Confidently Chic: Embrace Your Body Type. Elevate Your Style.

Are you tired of feeling unsure about what styles flatter your body? Do you wish you had a better understanding of how to accentuate your best features? Do you want to love the way you look in your clothes again?

You’re not alone. That’s why I created my brand new, FREE body type video series.

What's included in the series

Video 1: Discover Your Body Type

In the first step of this exciting series, you will discover your body type. Using a simple system where colors represent body types (and not fruits or vegetables or geometric shapes), you’ll learn whether you are a Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green or Yellow Body Type. Understanding your body shape is the key to unlocking your style potential and will transform the way you see your beautiful shape.
Video 2: Dress Your Body Type

Once you've discovered your body type, it's time to learn the art of dressing to enhance your best features. I’ll show you how to select the perfect clothing styles, cuts, and fabrics that flatter your unique shape. Say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions and hello to a closet full of outfits that make you look and feel amazing!
Video 3: Shop For Your Body Type

Armed with the knowledge of your body type and how to dress it, it's time to become a savvy shopper. In this final step, I’ll reveal my secrets to shopping for your body type, online and off, from choosing the right necklines to the right pant silhouettes, and how to quickly identify the details that will bring out your body’s beauty through shopping. You’ll gain the confidence to make smart fashion choices and build a wardrobe that reflects your true style.

But THat's not all!

You'll also receive these fantastic bonuses:

Body Type Cheat Sheet: Get access to a tailored style guide that provides specific recommendations based on your body type.

Exclusive Fashion Community: Join the fastest-growing over-40 style community on Facebook, share your progress, and receive ongoing support and inspiration.

Body Type Catalogs: Shop curated catalogs with items handpicked for your body shape.

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