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My Fall Winter Capsule Wardrobe: 20 Pieces = 40+ Outfits

November 20th, 2023 by

Are you an overthinker? I know I am. I overthink my relationships and my daughters’ relationships and the length of time it takes for certain people to text me back and whether my sciatica is going to get worse and whether or not I want to have a facelift someday. I think a lot about […]

5 Coats Every Woman Needs

November 9th, 2023 by

They’re often the only part of your outfit that people see, so make them count. Not only should your coats be cozy (of course) but they can (and should!) also be chic! I think coats are the most potentially elegant and iconic items in a woman’s wardrobe, and honestly wish I had more of an […]

Things I Love: Accessories Fashion Beauty

October 19th, 2023 by

I try a LOT of stuff. A LOT. Beauty products, clothes, shoes, jewelry. And only a fraction of those items make it onto my channel. I try a lot of items and spend a lot of money so that you don’t have to. And like most people who have tried a lot, I’ve discovered favorites […]

12 Things to Buy And Why

September 18th, 2023 by

Forget pumpkin spice. What you really need to feel cozy and ready for the season is layers. And boots. And all the real clothes that signal fall. As much as I love the easy-breeziness of summer style, fall is when we have an opportunity to get truly dressed. For some of us, that’s going to […]

The Power Of The Personality Piece: 3 Signature Style Essentials

September 4th, 2023 by

There are two ways to look at your Wardrobe From Scratch. If you, like many women, do not feel like 12 pieces are all you need for a full and functional wardrobe (or even if you do), read on. Because your wardrobe might be missing a little bit of spice. Seasoning. Salt. Salt makes yummy […]

Wardrobe From Scratch | The 12 Building Blocks Of A Versatile Wardrobe

August 24th, 2023 by

A good wardrobe is not one size fits all. And I’m not just talking about the size on the tags either. I’m talking about all of the things that take clothes from basic and boring to invaluable essentials. These are the details that matter. And that’s why I’ve added 3 different categories to help you […]

Fashion That FITS

August 17th, 2023 by

I know that you think that you’re the hardest person in the world to fit, and I’m sure sometimes it feels that way. But I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. I am the hardest person in the world to fit. After seconds of soul-searching and lots of anecdotal research, I have determined that […]

What I’m Packing For Europe

July 6th, 2023 by

Sometimes, life just throws a lot your way. This week we had a family birthday, Independence Day (I hosted), a root canal, and other assorted challenges and hiccups, but the most significant is the fact that we would LIKE to go to Europe next week and my older daughter’s passport has yet to arrive. To […]

6 Travel Clusters

July 3rd, 2023 by

I think many of us both love and hate travel at the same time. On one hand, it’s an adventure, a break from routine, and a true blessing to get to see the world, near or far. On the other hand, it’s a hassle, airlines are a mess, and then there is the packing. While […]

Closet Full of Compromises? Here’s how to fix it and stop settling!

June 29th, 2023 by

Let’s face it. Compromise is a part of life. And some of it is just an essential part of being a decent human. We are not going to thrive in life if we can’t be flexible. I’m pretty sure there is no one more flexible than I am when it counts. For example, I have […]