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How to Accessorize Any Outfit Over 40: Ageless Style Show Episode 8

Y’all know this is true, right? Seriously, though. Accessories stump so many of us. And since the term itself refers to such a broad range of items, from bracelets to boots, where do we start when it comes to completing an outfit in a stylish and current way? Especially when the options are, literally, endless. […]

Best Fashion Advice Over 40

When my oldest daughter, Lola, now 15, was little, I used to post some of her more adorable remarks on Facebook, saving them in an online journal of sorts. I know everybody thinks their kids are the cutest, but people often asked me if I would turn Lola’s one-liners into a book. It would definitely […]

Summer Casual Wardrobe Essentials

I know I talk about essentials a lot, and at this point you might be hearing yada-yada-yada every time I utter those words, but they are so important. I don’t want to sound like that mom that repeats herself so many times that no one listens to her anymore. I’ll end my therapy session there, […]

The Truth About Capris: Ageless Style Show Episode 5

I’m not going to lie. I was a little afraid of tackling this topic. I mean, this is about as controversial as it gets around here. And I know that capris are considered as commonplace as flip flops and sunblock in the summertime. I’m not sure if this is quite as controversial as the time […]

Is Your Personal Style Minimal or Maximal? Ageless Style Show Episode 4

Maximalist style is back and bolder than ever for fall 2021, a logical consequence of months spent in sweats. But just because it’s back, that doesn’t mean it’s opposite, minimalism, is out. Unlike carbs and keto, minimalism and maximalism can coexist peacefully. They both have a permanent place in fashion, because they are less about […]

Glasses Mistakes that Age You

Glasses are a sore subject for me, if we’re being honest, because until recently, I didn’t need them. Suddenly, in my very late 40s, I woke up needing reading glasses. Kevin bought me a pair in rose gold, which I promptly misplaced all over the house, and denied were even mine, until headaches from the […]

Ageless Style Show #3: Long Torso vs Short Torso

I’m a woman of mystery. Really. Even though I’m only 5’3″, petite pants are usually too short on me. If you don’t believe it, check out these two pictures I just posted in the VIP group. Both of these pants arrived in my Short Story Box, which is a subscription box for petites. (Quick review: […]