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Flattering Outfits for The Body Types

It’s one thing to understand your body type. It’s another to dress for it. Sometimes, the doing is tricky and we find ourselves falling into the same old everyday looks that do nothing to honor our body shapes. In my brand new Body Type Video Series, I talk about discovering, dressing, and shopping your shape, […]

The Ultimate Body Type Checklist

It pays to play to your strengths, or so that’s what I heard. I think this has something to do with sports but let’s just use it for flattery instead. I’m so excited to be diving into body types with you this week because I believe this is where it all begins. But what does […]

Wearable Beautiful Trends for Summer 2023

I lead with love. And before you take that as being deeper than it is, let me explain. Whether it comes to style or to dessert, I always go for what I love, first, and then try to make it fit my lifestyle. Often, this can backfire, like the time I talked Kevin into letting […]

How To Find Your Signature Style Over 40

Sure, body type and color and trends are all important components of great style, but nothing is more unique to you than your personal style. And fortunately, while other things diminish with age (readers are a constant fixture for me now!) personal style isn’t one of them. The older we get, the better we know […]

How to Dress Down Over 40

It’s the in-between clothes that get us, every single time. Most of us can pull off the occasional dressy look, and we’ve nailed our corporate or business casual looks for work. We also have no problem with workout clothes or cleaning the house/puttering in the garden clothes. But what about everything else? All of the […]

The Best & Worst Dresses Over 40

You can’t make a whole video about a single dress, can you? Because I almost did. This video idea came to me when I discovered the perfect dress. And we all know that’s like finding the fabled needle in a haystack. I kind of pride myself on finding needles-in-haystacks, from truly comfortable heels to well-priced […]

These Outfits Are Aging! | I Fix My OWN Outfits

People think that stylists have some secret sauce that makes all of their outfits magically come together, and we do. It’s a mirror. 🙂 Seriously, though, sometimes style involves some trial and error. The main difference between being a stylist and not being a stylist is that the learning curve is shorter and we know […]