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What I Wore In A Week (Early Fall) PLUS Outfit Formulas

A friend of mine recently shared a picture of her family’s meal plan on her Instagram stories, and that gave me an idea. Instead of sharing my meal plan (since it’s not really in a plan and mostly in my head), I thought it might be fun to share a week of outfits, because an […]

These Shoes Are FRUMPY! | Fall Styles to Skip

It’s a scary world out there. I talk about bad shoes a lot and when I share a picture of a frumpy shoe, I often get feedback like this: If you love the “frumpy” styles on this list, then wear them with confidence. But I’m here to show you why I don’t think they work, […]

These Trends Are FRUMPY | Bad Trends & What To Wear Instead

Back in the good old days, if you wanted to look modern, you just wore trendy clothes. I mean, if you wore the latest and “greatest”, what could go wrong? In 2023, the answer is—a lot. Between blazers that make you look like a linebacker (I’m not even sure I know what that is, but […]

The Best Fall Trends For Your Budget

Trends are trendy but they don’t need to be spendy. I’m quitting my job immediately and going into poetry. Seriously, you do NOT need to spend a lot to bring some updated pieces into your wardrobe. Here’s what I recommend: Start with what’s in your closet. Add whatever is missing to create your Wardrobe From […]

The Power Of The Personality Piece: 3 Signature Style Essentials

There are two ways to look at your Wardrobe From Scratch. If you, like many women, do not feel like 12 pieces are all you need for a full and functional wardrobe (or even if you do), read on. Because your wardrobe might be missing a little bit of spice. Seasoning. Salt. Salt makes yummy […]

Fall Accessory Trends You Need Over 40

If your current wardrobe is giving you a big case of the blahs, then you might be surprised if I tell you that the clothes might not be the problem at all. The problem might be in the accessories. Accessories offer the easiest and most affordable way to update our wardrobes, and they always fit. […]

10 Fall Trends You Already Own

I am not telling you not to buy new stuff. Nobody loves new stuff as much as I do. Seriously. Nobody. I am like a kid on Christmas morning when the new stuff hits the stores. You get the idea. I am all in on trends. But what I don’t love is this ridiculous notion […]