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Polished vs Natural: What’s Your Aesthetic

One of the things that hopefully we learn as we get older is that there is no point trying to be something that we’re not. We have earned the right, especially after 40, to let our style be a true outward expression of who we are and not a mask that makes us look like […]

7 Summer Essentials to Buy Now

There are summer people and not-summer people. This summer, after years of pretending to be something I’m not, I’ve come down firmly on the side of being a “not summer” person. And this is at the tail end of an amazing summer, where we spent time with family and stayed in a castle in Scotland […]

10 Style Secrets Every Woman Should Know

I’ve been in the fashion industry my entire career, working directly with clients for about 15 years, and some things never change. Most women, no matter their age, size, or budget, share similar struggles when it comes to style. And while I can’t claim that these secrets hold the answers to all of your style […]

50 Summer Outfits To Try Today!

All of this talk about summer being easy and laid back is a lie. Not only do I find myself busier than ever in the summertime, but the heat and humidity bring their own challenges when it comes to style. It can be hard to look crisp and polished and chic and whatever when we […]

Summer Trends: Splurge vs Steal

You know that I believe that trends are essential. If we want to look fresh and modern, updating our wardrobes for the season can be a quick and helpful way to do that. But that doesn’t mean that we need to adopt every trend, and it definitely doesn’t mean that we need to overspend. I […]

Summer Trends That Age You

You know how I have said that classic style can age you and trendy clothes are the way to go? Well, I totally stand behind that. Except when I don’t. Here’s the thing. Wearing head-to-toe conservative classic clothes can definitely be aging, while modern classics are always going to be chic. Not all classics are […]

5 Easy Chic Summer Outfit Formulas

According to the calendar, we are only officially one week or so into summer, but here in Florida, it has felt like months. Months of hot. Months of humidity. Months of wearing the same things on repeat. And many more months to go. It’s easy to get bored of wearing the same things in the […]