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Things I NEVER Thought Would Come Back In Style

Never say never. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the 30+ years that I’ve been a style journalist and fashion editor, it’s that even the craziest, frumpiest, silliest and most over-the-top trends eventually come back into style. In recent years, we’ve seen parachute pants and scrunchies and neon colors resurface, if only briefly, as […]

The Best & Worst From Your Favorite Stores

Next time you go shopping, just pretend you have me, your trusty stylist and fashion friend, along for the ride. (I have had the opportunity to go real life in person shopping with a few of you and it has been the absolute BEST). Much as I would love that, since I can’t be there […]

10 Things That Are Killing Your Style

I hate it when clothes and accessories pretend to be cute and then secretly stab your style in the back. They’re like fake friends. Not to be dramatic but, it really makes me mad. Just don’t sell these things to us and call them cute. Just don’t masquerade ugly, style-slaying accessories as cute, when they’re […]

Why Body Type Is a Hoax

I’m not being dramatic just so you click on this video. Promise. As you may have picked up from my other videos, I tend to feel strongly about these things, and one of the things that bugs me when I see women FRUSTRATED because they can’t figure out their bodies and they read all of […]

Spring Accessories That Make Every Outfit Cuter Over 40

If you’ve heard me say you need a straw bag and espadrilles one too many times, you have my apologies, but I can’t in good conscience leave them off a list of spring accessories. They are joined, however, by a bunch of other versatile, chic and outfit-making accessories that are not espadrilles and straw bags. […]

Spring Essentials You Will Wear On Repeat

I hear from some of you that the most basic-basics don’t get worn all that often. Maybe you’re over the regular reminders to buy a tee shirt or the most basic of pants, and find that you never reach for those items because they are, well, boring. Instead, you want to find essentials that are […]

The Most Glamorous Bathing Suits For Women Over 40

Have you ever noticed how, somewhere along the way, we were all sold the message that being “low maintenance” makes us better and cooler somehow? Like, the less time and care and attention we put into taking care of ourselves, the more laid back and chill and unintimidating we became. The prevailing style, for so […]