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10 Things To Stop Wearing at 50 (and What To Wear Instead)

The real secret to style after 50 does not lie in knowing what to buy. It’s about knowing what to leave at the store. If you’re new here. you’ll soon find that I spend a lot of time telling you what NOT to buy. That’s because it’s a scary world out there, stylewise, for those […]

How to Combine Color in Outfits Over 50

LIttle known fact about me. I’m an expert in 1980s perfume advertisements. I seriously have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Jean Nate and Enjoli and Windsong and all of the other commercials that seemed like the background music of my youth. What does this have to do with color? Well, frankly, I’m a little disappointed […]

What I’ve STOPPED Wearing Over 50 As A Personal Stylist

One of the worst things we can do is get stuck in a rut, style-wise. We wear the same things in the same ways, and we wear them on autopilot, without ever reevaluating whether they still suit us or whether we still love them. It’s a very easy trap to fall into when we’re busy […]

How to Accessorize Over 50 | A Fresh New Approach

Accessorizing can be tricky. It’s hard to know when you’ve added too much or too little. That’s why thousands of women hardly even bother with accessories anymore, wearing the same few pieces day in and day out, missing out on an opportunity to express their personal style. Because here is the truth. There are more […]

How to Put Together an Outfit Over 50

Little known fact about me: I’m a little bit of a grammar nerd. You might not believe this based on some of my social media posts, which are usually done using talk-to-text and “edited” without my readers, but I spent much of my career as an editor, and words and punctuation and all of those […]

10 of my Top Style Tips (According to You!)

I love my people. You know that you have repeated yourself one too many times when the women in your community start quoting you. The idea for this video came about when one of the members of my Ageless Style Program, Carolyn, started a chat in the Facebook group to collect my quotes, expressions, and […]

15 Shoe Tips Every Woman Should Know Over 50

Does anybody else start an outfit with the shoes? I don’t do this as much as I used to, but for years, I started every outfit from the bottom up. They’re that important. But you don’t have to be a collector, like me, to want to style your outfits well and pick the right shoes […]