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10 Essential Pieces For Travel

It’s finally time to leave the house, you guys! 2022 is the year for travel, and I could not be more excited. Our 2020 trip to Scotland has become our 2022 trip to Scotland, and it’s just weeks away. My extended family of 16 (including my parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews) will be descending […]

Shopping Secrets Of A Stylist | Women Over 40

I shop like it’s my actual job. Wait. It is my actual job. As a personal stylist (going on 15 years now!) I’ve successfully shopped for women of all sizes, ages, budgets, and nationalities. I have built wardrobes for women in Dubai and Hong Kong and Sweden and Australia. I have scoured websites in most […]

My MOST Controversial Opinions About Style

Don’t hate me because I’m opinionated. I mean, it’s kind of why I do what I do. If I didn’t have strong feelings about things like shoes and lipstick, I probably shouldn’t be a stylist. And this would be a very short post. Fortunately for you, I have opinions about allll the things. Usually, I […]

Nada Saves Style: Ask Me Anything

I seriously get tickled when you all ask me questions. I could answer them all day long. I always try to get back to each of you personally, but sometimes a question comes up that addresses a common challenge or concern. And for those, there’s Nada Saves Style, my new video format where I answer […]

4 Easy Spring Outfit Formulas With Dresses

I recently ran into a friend at a party who said she had given up on wearing dresses. “I have no waist,” she moaned. “I look like a cardboard box with legs.” Looking at my gorgeous friend, who is in her late 60s, I knew that this was untrue, but I didn’t have time at […]

How To Pick Prints Over 40

Sometimes I feel like my job as your personal stylist and fashion friend is kind of like the role of that mom who breaks up the teen parties. She means well, but she’s not a lot of fun. How many times have you seen a printed item shared in the Facebook group only to hear […]

Nada Saves Style | Torso Length & Aging Bodies

I’m switching things up a little this time and giving you the mic. Not literally, of course, because my mic is pretty heavy, but figuratively. I’m letting you pick the topics. I’ll be answering more of your questions in future episodes of Nada Saves Style, so send me your style conundrums to [email protected] and I’ll […]