I'm Nada Manley

I help ageless women achieve authentic style so that they can have the confidence to live life fully.

I believe style has no expiration date.

Do you dream of feeling stylish and self-assured, every single day? How would it feel to look in the mirror and love what you see? I did, too! That’s why I set out to create a style system that allowed me to develop a wardrobe and a personal style that truly worked for me.

You see, I wasn’t always a fashion expert. I started out as a hopeless fashion victim. As a fashion editor in South Beach in my early 20s, I blew my tiny salary on trendy clothes, desperately trying to look hip and fit into my new surroundings. With no understanding of my body and what worked for me, I often chose styles that overwhelmed my petite frame. Plus, all of those of-the-moment pieces meant that I was constantly shopping when my current wardrobe went out of style. It was a vicious cycle, and I was constantly chasing that elusive thing called style confidence.

Fortunately, I didn’t give up. As a fashion writer and editor, I had the privilege of attending New York Fashion Week and meeting some of the top fashion designers, stylists and fashion experts, and my crash course in fashion began. I started styling models and celebs for magazine covers, and putting my new knowledge to work. Soon, friends started asking for help clearing out their closets or shopping for that special piece, and I started to become everyone’s fashion friend.


I got married, wrote a beauty book, and moved back to my home state of Florida, where I wrote a long-running fashion column and started the evolution from fashion writer to personal stylist. Since then, I’ve trained with some of the top style authorities in the U.S. (Amy Wister, Shari Braendel) and launched a personal styling business.

In my 10 years as a personal stylist, I have been privileged to work with doctors, lawyers, executives, professors, stay at home moms, missionaries, teachers, and retirees. Over and over, they’ve seen that style = success, in any endeavor, and the numbers back this up.

5,201 women have successfully completed the Ageless Style Confidence Course. 7 of my clients have won political campaigns, 374 have made successful career transitions, 1 has traveled the world for 6 months with 1 suitcase and 3 kids, and 1147 have built their wardrobes from scratch.

I've served women in 193 countries online or in person - that's every country in the world except for 2.


Nada is a unique stylist. Yes, she has great skills, but you can sense that she really cares about each one of her clients and wants them to be the very best God has created them to be. And be confident in their own skin! She is a great encourager! Professional and personal at the same time!

Lise, Hong Kong

So why should you choose me as your stylist?

Seeing style change others has changed me. I have gone from a mere fashion fan to a true believer in the power of style to transform lives. Along the way, I’ve made style my mission. I see it as a platform and a tool that women can use to live their lives more fully, with confidence and grace.

  • 25+ years of experience in the fashion industry
  • Certified Stylist with The Stylist Online
  • Color Code training through Shari Braendel/Christian Image Consultants
  • Fashion Columnist for 15 years
  • Fashion/Beauty Editor for 10 years
  • Featured in numerous publications and television shows, including Fox News, E! Entertainment, Reader’s Digest, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, First For Women, Women’s Day, My Coast Magazine, and First Coast Living.

But that’s only part of the story. The big picture is love. I love what I do, and I love my clients.


Give me 8 weeks, and I’ll give you a new outlook on your style, and yourself!

Let's Work Together!

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